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At Connexus we've been in the industry long enough to understand and be able to help when we hear business owners and key decision makers state the following...

  • “I just need it to work”
  • “I want a supplier I can rely on” 
  • “I need to know we’re secure as a business”
  • “We need the right technology in place”
  • “We want a supplier we can trust”
  • “I don’t know what I’m paying for, I need to consolidate my costs”

> Microsoft environment
(365 productivity platform)

> Management & security (endpoint & cloud)

> Back-up & DR (endpoint, cloud)

> User awareness training

> Device warranty

> Full support  & ongoing technical account management 

IT & Cyber


Choosing an IT service provider can be difficult so you need confidence that you're working with people who understand your requirements and will help you achieve your objectives.

The team at Connexus Cloud has worked with thousands of businesses over the last 15 years, helping them understand, improve, implement and evolve the technologies, security, software, infrastructure and applications that underpin their organisations.

We pride ourselves on being able to demystify complex challenges and being able to talk to you in language that you'll understand.

In addition to the core services listed here, we also provide a wide range of project work and professional services including:

> Cyber Essentials+
> Pen Testing
> Cloud Migrations

> Unified Comms
(standalone cloud comms platform)

> Voice-to-Teams
(Microsoft Teams integrated voice platform)

> Connectivity
(managed / unmanaged internet access, routers & firewalls)



The world of business communications has irrevocably changed in recent years. Having the right connectivity, systems and applications in place is now more critical than ever to allow businesses to operate flexibly and efficiently.

The team at Connexus Cloud have a huge amount of experience in helping businesses of all sizes understand and implement the best (and most appropriate) communications technologies. We help design efficient, cost-effective solutions that help organisations achieve optimal performance and productivity.

It's often hard to understand (yet alone compare) products, services and suppliers in the Telecoms marketplace. We can help you navigate this process and ensure that you have the right solutions in place, at the right price.

> IT & Telecoms Consultancy

> M&A Consultancy

> M&A Broker services 



Choosing an IT consultancy can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure exactly what you need, or you haven’t engaged with a consultant before. The good news is that the consultants at Connexus Cloud have extensive experience of advising businesses of all shapes and sizes – and we’re always happy to talk things through to see if we’re the right fit for you.

Our IT & Telecoms consultancy services are particularly appropriate for organisations looking to evolve their technology platforms (possibly due to having legacy technology in place) or who need to design and implement a new technology strategy due to the growth or changing nature of their business.

Our M&A consultancy services are tailored to IT & Communications providers who are considering their exit strategy. Our consultants have worked on a wide range of projects (both from a purchaser and seller perspective) so are very well placed to advise on the process from all angles.

Typical M&A services include:
> Advising Sellers and preparing businesses for sale
> Guiding Sellers through the process, from commencement through to due diligence and completion
> Negotiating and brokering sales on behalf of Sellers

If you need help with your IT / Communications strategy or are considering selling your IT or Telecoms business then we recommend talking to us to understand what's involved and how we can help.


We exist for two simple reasons:

> To provide world-class technology solutions to businesses

> To provide exceptional service levels to our clients

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